Yamaha Clavinova Tuning

by Alex Sutherland
(Jackpot, Nevada, USA)

My Yamaha Clavinova has recently become slightly sharp all along the scale, not a half step, maybe a 3/4 step. How can I adjust that?

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Jan 10, 2010
Clavinova Tuning
by: Alfred

Dear Alex: IF THE CLAVINOVA INCLUDES CONTROLS SIMILAR TO SOME PSR's, maybe the following will be of interest:

1) Activate the FUNCTION Control
2) Apply the CATEGORY ontrol to select "TRANSPOSE" on Display
3) Select transpose value (between -100 and + 100 for small pitch changes) & (between -12 and + 12 for large pitch changes).

Keys represented by the 0-12 and 0+12 settings are explained as follows:

When the transpose setting is at 0 then playing middle C gives a middle C. So whatever key is used to play the music will be "true" and accurately tuned.

Going up one, for example (+1), and playing middle C will sound a C#.

Lowering the transpose setting one (-1) will sound a B if the middle C is played.

This is proffered as a tongue-in-cheek possibility
to returning your unit to normal. Good luck.

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