Yamaha Clavinova CLP-560 will not play

by Neil

I have a Yamaha Clavinova CLP560 approx 16 years old. It powers up OK but does not play. Default LEDs appear at power-up. Pressing buttons causes correct selection of functions (as indicated by LEDs); however if any key is depressed button selections no longer operate (stays frozen at last selection). All fuses are OK. Voltages to main board look OK (+5 and +12). No sign of power supply problems or visible damage to any parts. Any suggestions appreciated, including where to download free a service manual.

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Apr 10, 2010
Service Manual for CLP 560
by: Alfred

Dear Neil: Being an avid Ebay shopper, by coincidence today I came across listed Item #350248068796 (Used set of Service Manuals for CLP560 & CLP570). You have to decide if you want to buy them +/- $20.00, plus shipping). The listing ends on 4/30/10. Wish I could be more helpful, but a quick sweep of the Internet shows no freebies. Just one thought, if your unit has contact (rubber) pads under the keys, they could be worn and need replacement. The problems you describe could be caused by such wear. Good luck.

Apr 29, 2010
Try headphones
by: Anonymous

Determine if it in the audio section or not. Try plugging in headphones. If it plays with head phones, it is a preamp or power amp problem. If not, it may be the DM board. DM boards are no longer available from Yamaha and are basically a single board computer - difficult to troubleshoot without a logic analyzer.

Aug 05, 2011
by: Bernard

Dear Neils,
I have too an CLP-560 and the mother or main board is broken, now in Europe it's impossible to find somes parts for this piano model!
I'would like to know if you agree to buy me your main board XH992AO ?
Sorry for my bad language I' m french !
Thanks for your reply !

Apr 16, 2013
CLP 560
by: Patrick

I managed to downlad a complete set of service manuals (schematics, diagnostic procedures) for the CLP 560 for free. Send me a message with an email address and I will forward them to you.

I have a broken CLP-560 too, PSU board seems ok, I think it is the DM board too. Debating whether to take a chance on a new DM board for around $500....

Apr 17, 2013
Send Manuals
by: Anonymous


Thanks for offering to send me the manuals. I would sure be happy to receive them. Please send them to this address 8oiduts@gmail.com.

I appreciate your help.

Sep 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi have the same clp-560 but my dose not power on no led light up. but i am missing the foot pedal. dose affect the power to turn on? I got it from a friend. can someone kindly send me a service manual with diagram to petersanchen@gmail.com thank you

Oct 15, 2013
Clavinova Manual
by: Anonymous

Hi Patrick,

I was hoping that you might also send me the service manual for the Yamaha Calvinova CLP-560. I have one broken key at the low end of the key board I am trying to fix. To have the manual would be sooooo helpful. My email is emilyjohn.3000@gmail.com.

Thank you so much, Patrick,

Oct 12, 2015
Dead CLP 560
by: Silvano

Water fell into the piano on the right side and now the piano is "dead". Trying to find the manuals for repair. What is likely to have "blown"? -- If you could send the repair manual I would be Oh so Grateful! scolombano@gmail.com

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