possible Yamaha EZ-200 MIDI-interfaces?

by charlie


I bought a yamaha EZ-200 a few weeks ago and now I'd like to buy a MIDI-interface for it.
As far I know the Yamaha UX16 is a possible MIDI-interface for EZ-200, but it cost 50dollars and I read some bad reviews about the Yamaha UX16 interface.

I'm wondering if someone knows any recommended MIDI-interfaces, that is working well on the EZ-200 and it has the budget of 30dollars or below.

Hope you can help me, thnx

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Aug 12, 2010
EZ 200 MIDI Interface
by: Alfred

Dear Charlie: I bought a PSR 273 unit not too long ago, and its Owner’s Manual says I need the UX16 to enable MIDI. The cost of the UX16 here in the States is US$ 49.99!!; and the Yamaha site indicates it is supplied with a CD (music Software??).
I also own an older Casio CTK 611, and prior to buying the Yamaha 273 I bought on Ebay a device
to enable MIDI WITHOUT THE NEED OF A DRIVER. It is a patch made in Hongkong and cost me only $5.80. I still have not tried it out. It looks much like the UX16, so much so that I may try it out on the 273 also. IF it works, I will be happy to share the info with you. However if you are”chomping at the bit”, and want to DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, what I suggest you do is go to Ebay and search for MIDI Adaptors. You should find the
item I mean with its full description. I make no claim that it is a “Chinese Copy” of a UX16 and will work. Like you, I’m just a fellow member of the Forum and offer this message in an effort to be helpful. Should you buy this patch and it works, I would appreciate a Forum post saying so. I watch the posts daily and if I see your
message saying it’s OK, you can rest assured I will acknowledge your favor. Keep well.

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