out of tune yamaha cp33 keyboard

by susan


I have a yamaha CP33 keyboard which I bought 16 months ago. I also have a p80 which I absolutely love. I decided to buy another keyboard but the P80 was discontinued so I upgraded to the CP33.
Just today, when I went to play for a student, I noticed the pitch begin to deteriorate and 'stretch' as I played, using the transpose button.
The piano sound is definitely out of tune. Tell me what is happening to the keyboard. Is it defective? I NEVER had this problem with my P80 which I still use and have owed for over 7 years.

Thank you.

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Sep 11, 2016
It Works!
by: Anonymous

Follow the steps and it works! Turn off piano. Hold the three last black keys and C when pushing on button and continue to hold the keys till BOTH you see CLR, then 120 in the box. So relieved.

Nov 13, 2011
NO that didnt work..........
by: brandon

It said clr, I did what you said but it is still out of tune.
someone please email me if you have another suggestion?


Sep 27, 2011
Out of Tune Fix for Yamaha CP33
by: pianophil1961

Sorry this is so late being posted, but you have to hold down the uppermost three black keys and the highest white key at the same time, then turn on the piano while holding them down - you will see "CLR" on the display window. don't touch anything until the window goes back to 120 from clr and it should be fine

Oct 14, 2010
Yamaha CP33 Reset problems
by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem. I tried to reset the CP33 but for some reason nothing happens when I do the reset....! (hold down the C7 and 3 black keys before that one)
Anyone a suggestion? Please !!
I've opened the piano but everything looks fine to me. (no loose connectors)


Sep 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

Bless you!! It worked!!

Sep 17, 2010
yamaha tuning
by: Anonymous

There is nothing wrong with your keyboard!

All you have to do is re-set the keyboard to factory standard.
There is specific instruction in the manual on how to do this.
It is quite simple. I don't remember off-hand, but I believe you hold down the 5 black keys at the top of the keyboard (treble) and this re-sets the programming. Someone must have pressed some of the function buttons to have made it go 'out' of tune.

Sep 16, 2010
Bad Note
by: Anonymous

If you find an answer please share. I had this problem with one over a year ago and haven't played it since. I don't know how this is possible.

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