How do you fix Dead Keys on a keyboard

by Cyrus Brooks
(Sydney Australia)

I bought a keyboard on EBAY in "excellent" condition, yet it has 4 dead keys at the top end.

How do you fix them? It's a YPT 400 and likely very out of warranty.

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Dec 21, 2015
Good help
by: Anonymous

Wow! Amazing I just did it. The dead keys r working after I blew the keys with my vacuum cleaner with mild air...
Thanks a lot

Dec 25, 2014
thank you for all your help
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your great help on this. It's very useful for me, and I bet for others too!!

Dec 24, 2014
Compressed air can worked!
by: Bryson

I was having an issue with a dead key on my keyboard, so I bought a can of compressed air. I tried to spray between and around keys first but that didn't work. I had to flip it over and take out all of the screws, then pull off the back cover. Then I had to unscrew the section of the keys where the issue was. I was able to slide out the one section and hit it with the air.

After that the key was live again.

Oct 09, 2010
Cleaning Keyboard Contacts
by: Anonymous

If the air/vacuum cleaning does not work it is time to open up the keyboard and clean the contacts. Remove the bottom of the complete keyboard assembly. There are 2 screws hidden under the battery area in addition to those surrounding the keyframe.

Once the unit is open, you will see some long phenolic strips, usually with diodes on them, that span the length just behind the keys. You need to remove these by springing the 4 or 5 plastic clips that hold them in. The underside of the phenolics has the contacts-little zig-zag etchings. Clean these with a pencil eraser. Under the strips is a rubber membrane with the other half of the contacts. They can be carefully removed. Clean these as well. Do not use a solvent as this may dissolve the rubber.

I would not buy a Yamaha product in the future. I asked them to email me the schematics and service manual and they would not since I am not a dealer. This is not my idea of customer support. I do not know if they will send customers replacement boards.


Sep 16, 2009
Dead YPT 400
by: Alfred

Dear Cyrus: One possibility (OF MANY OTHERS - I HOPE NOT) is an accumulation of dirt under the keys in question. Buy a can of Compressed Air and blow out between the spaces surrounding the keys. Press the keys down to facilitate access. Try playing the keyboard. If the problem still exists, use a strong vacuum in the same way. Maybe, just maybe you will succeed in your efforts. You have to realize that the problem you cite can be caused by many other defects in the circuitry, and if you are not qualified to open up the unit to diagnose and repair the defects, you will be far better off having it
serviced by a professional. Good luck.

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