A keyboard similar to the Yamaha PSR 640

hello, i am looking to buy a new Yamaha keyboard and my school has the PSR 640, which i really liked but i believe yamaha have stopped making. i was wondering if anyone knew which keyboard is the closest to the PSR 640 and what prices. Im in a band and would like to gig with it, as well as use it for practicing in my bedroom. Any advice would be most helpful. cheers

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Aug 28, 2009
Yamaha psr 640
by: Anonymous

This board was not cheap and still isn't used... around $250. Depends on how much you are willing to spend. Yamaha is one of my favorite brands, so I would suggest getting one. Also depends on the features you desire(# of voices, sequencer/record required, pitch bend, touch senstivity). I've seen the lower end psr-e223/ypt 220 model run for under 100 bucks& free shipping. None of the features above included, but solid for the price. The psr-e323/ypt 320 has all the features besides the pitch bend and goes for under 160 bucks with free shipping. The closest to the 640 due to it having a pitch bend wheel is the psr-e423/ ypt 420( suggest getting a ypt 410 since they are on clearance and no apparent changes) yet does not have as many sequence/record options as the 640. The psr-e413/ypt 410 can be puchased w/keyboard,s tand and headphones for under 230 at walmart.
If you can spend more than this, I'd suggest looking at the DGX models from Yamaha...

Jul 03, 2010
PSR 540
by: Anonymous


PSR 540 is the next best.

Jul 06, 2010
Look for me on ebay
by: CaptianAlbatross

I'm actually selling a psr 640 if your still interested?

Sep 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have one Yamaha PSR640 ..... on sale
shoot me an email @ "specialistcool@gmail.com"

Feb 05, 2015
by: samson

hi my name is samson

im from hydarabad.i wont keboard psr640 second hand

for church my (repollusamson@gmail.com)

im wating for your reply


Jun 12, 2015
by: merlino

I am looking for keyboard Yamaha psr 640, anyone can email me @ merlinohalieliang@yahoo.com. .

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