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KeyboardGuide News!, Issue #001 -- Have your say at
November 20, 2007

Have your say at Two new interactive sections added. Share opinions and ask questions on music keyboards.

1. New music keyboards Questions & Answers Section

2. New Yamaha Keyboard User Reviews Section

Mantius Cazaubon

I have recently added a new Questions and Answers Section to the site where you can ask any music keyboard related question you may have. The section uses cutting edge Content 2.0 technology that allows for maximum visitor interaction. This allows you to have your say on the content of

Feel free to ask any burning keyboard related question you may have. This is all in a spirit of love where each one helps the other. A "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" approach. So be sure to answer another's question if you know the answer to it. I also chip in and answer your questions personally as much as possible. Click here to visit the new Questions and Answers Section.

There's also a Yamaha Keyboard User Reviews Section where you can talk about any Yamaha keyboard you have used in the past no matter what the brand is. This is your great opportunity to write a review for the world of keyboard players and enthusiasts to see, and to read the reviews of others. Other visitors can then comment on what you have written and you can do the same. Click here to visit the new Yamaha Keyboard User Reviews Section.

More to come...

I'll be adding many more Content 2.0 sections to the site to put you in the drivers seat and allow you to have your say on what is the best content for the site. After all, I never want this site to be all about what I say. You surely know something about keyboards that others would be interested in.

Anyway, please visit our questions and answers section then take a look at the reviews page and give me your input. I, as well as web site visitors will be absolutely delighted with your contribution.

Thank you for subscribing. There's much more where this came from at

Copyright 2007 Mantius Cazaubon All Rights Reserved.

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