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Yamaha Keyboard Guide Xpress!, Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook Launches!
August 28, 2010

Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook Launches!

Mantius Cazaubon

I have some exciting news to share with you today. It's our new social media launch...

Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook!

Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook is all about YOU. It provides lots of ways for Yamaha keyboard enthusiasts to interact...

o Wall

o Notes

o Videos

o Photos

o Discussions

I will be there, of course. YamKeyGuide Facebook is for ALL KEYBOARD PLAYERS, whether beginning, intermediate or professional.

Check it out...

Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook!

See the "Like" button up top? Click on it to be our friend. Follow along in the discussions, and check out the messages folks leave on the page's "wall"...

But first, like I said, become a fan of Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook by hitting the "Like" button. There will be some "Facebook- exclusive" announcements coming soon.

You'll be amazed at what happens when people share about something we're ALL passionate about... keyboards!

Like is the case with, Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook is a place to help and be helped. A place for honest interaction and friendly communication on Yamaha keyboards.

We'd LOVE to see you there! Talk or contribute as much as you want. Listen and learn from other keyboard players and enthusiasts.

Visit YamKeyGuide Facebook and see what all the buzz is about...

Yamaha Keyboard Guide Facebook!

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Thank you for subscribing. There's much more where this came from at Be sure to visit the site and follow our regular updates.

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